Commercial projects are fast paced with tight time constraints and budgets are always a concern for the owner, construction manager and the contractors.

We design, install and maintain electrical systems every day in this industry and it is an area of expertise for us because we understand the special needs and requirements.   Whether we are getting our design team modeling your project or sending our 24 hour emergency service truck to get you back in service, we are here for you! 

It has been our history building, renovating and maintaining high rise buildings like City Hall and the new Delaware North HQ or converting a church into a multi-use space like Asbury Hall\Righteous Babe Records and most recently converting a large warehouse into high end condominiums. 

What makes Ferguson unique, beyond our level of quality installation, is our offerings.  One unique offering for the commercial industry is our ability to fast-track a project with the Design/Build concept.  To learn more about this program and how it will benefit your project please click here.